Why It is More Important Than Ever to #BuyCloseBy in #MyHaliburtonHighlands

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By: Jennifer Locke, Executive Director | September 23, 2020

We live in a community that is backed by a huge proportion of small enterprises that operate in seasonal, tourism-focused economy.  It’s also no secret that with COVID-19, our season has shifted, opportunities for revenue are reduced, and many, many things continue to change.

With that familiar fall bite in the air, I thought this would be a great opportunity to remind everyone why we should all make an extra effort to support our local businesses this year.

They Sell Local

Our communities are chock full of artisans, artists, producers, and creators of all types; our local businesses work hard to support and sell their wares. We are seeing more and more partnerships among local businesses in the food, drink, and event space here at the Chamber – and we are excited about it! From a one-of-a-kind piece of art to a locally brewed beer, #MyHaliburtonHighlands has a lot to offer.

They Support The Community

Local businesses are huge community supporters! Do you enjoy being able to access parades, festivals, sports teams, and events from dog sled races to live music shows? These examples are all made possible with the support of our business community – you won’t ever see big box stores from urban areas on the backs of our local jerseys, food drives, or toy donations. Local support goes a long way toward the social and cultural fabric of Haliburton County.

They Generate Human Capital

What the heck is human capital? Basically, it is the value derived from our local population having skills, access to learning and training opportunities. My members have consistently explained to me that creating good employment is one of their main goals as entrepreneurs – and that they do!

They are Charming

We have so many talented entrepreneurs that procure and produce quality, unique goods and services. In our cottage-oriented economy, our main street offerings are what gets people “off the dock” and participating in our local economy. Business exists to generate revenue and profit, but these businesses also add character and charm to our streetscapes and communities that we could not go without.

We hope this has given you a new vision into the good that our local businesses do day-in and day-out and encourage everyone to continue to #BuyCloseBy, to share about it on social media, and tag the Chamber!

All the best,

Jennifer M. Locke
Executive Director
Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce


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