NEW Proof-of-Vaccination Policy

We understand for many businesses in the Haliburton Highlands the new Proof-of-Vaccination Policies will be challenging to manage, especially prior to the launch of the app on October 22, 2021.

The Chamber Network continues to advocate for greater clarity and supports for businesses that have already been through so much during this pandemic.  At the same time, we understand that a well-designed proof-of-immunization system can help prevent another province-wide shut down and keep our economy moving. That is why we hope to see the app implemented as soon as possible. It is critical that we get this right so we can continue on a safe path to reopening.  If you have any questions, please ensure you contact our local health unit: HKPR Vaccination Certificate Information


Important Dates: 

September 22, 2021 – Proof-of-Vaccination Policies come into effect in Ontario

October 22, 2021 – Ontario Proof-of-Vaccination App and/or QR Code will

For the most recent information, please visit HKPR’s Vaccination Certificate page.


How is ‘Fully Vaccinated’ defined:

As of Sept 14, 2021


Businesses/Settings Where Patrons Must be Fully Vaccinated

As of Sept 14, 2021


How Businesses Confirm Proof-of-Vaccination

Remember: Businesses and organization are not allowed to retain patron’s information as it retains to proof-of-vaccination.


In the unlikely event of harassment or violence: 

Most of our community have been very understanding of COVID-19 related policies and procedures, it is very rare that our local businesses encounter those who will not comply with the guidance set out to keep our community and our country safe.   If you encounter a situation like this it’s remember important to remember to stay calm and state the facts, you can also find some tips and tricks for dealing with difficult customers here.  If you, or your staff, encounter harassment or the threat of violence, please contact OPP at their Non-Emergent Number 1-888-310-1122.  This number connects you directly with the OPP Communications Centre 24/7 and can dispatch officers to your business.


Resources that are expected from Ontario Health or the Health Unit Shortly:

  • The launch of a new app to make it easier and more convenient for businesses and organizations to read and verify proof of vaccination (i.e., that a digital vaccine receipt is valid)



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