Gifts for the Foodie on your List

There is always giving the gift of a meal out, a food experience or the perfect kitchen tools for that aficionado or secret chef in your life. AND, since cooking for them can be intimidating, why not find them the best knife they’ve ever used or take them out instead this Christmas?

This fourth blog in the #BuyCloseBy Holiday Gift Guide highlights all things for the Foodie. From restaurants, butchers and breweries – to locally made/grown/raised and everything else on the menu.

With so many restaurants in #MyHaliburtonHighlands it’s hard to fit them all in the word count. What a positive statement! Take a peek at this Travelling Foodie piece to get your juices flowing on gift certificates for the Christmas card or stocking.

photo of wares at EAT

Items available at EAT! for the foodie in your life. Photo by: Betty James.

There are NEW places in the county to highlight, like Eat! Cheeserie & Tasty Stuff in Minden. With fine meats and cheeses for charcuteries, they can make one up or you can design. And there are many complementary mustards, dressings and sauces ranging from $7-15, so check them out!

West G Pizza & Grill (in West Guilford of course) is all the rage right now and they offer delivery too! Sometimes the gift of dinner coming to you is all you need! They’re offering a free turkey dinner on Dec. 13 from 5-8 p.m. (RVSP please!) and SANTA will be there. I’m sure they would do up a gift certificate of any denomination if you asked, too.

First, where do you start for the foodie who likes their own gadgets? Aprons and Soaps in

Foodie items at Aprons and Soaps

Items for the foodie at Aprons and Soaps. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey.

Haliburton have an array of items to make the process much easier for the aspiring – or experienced. From measuring cops, to wooden salad tongs, to the very best knife you can buy – there’s definitely something for all. Canadian Tire in Minden is a great stop for all thing’s kitchen, too.

Carnarvon’s Rhubarb and Boshkung Brewing Co. is a one-stop-shop for dinner and a night cap. A lovely sentiment begins with a gift certificate good for both restaurant and brewery, owner Terri Matthews-Carl reminded me. And, there’s some new swag in store and always many different types of beer.

Photo of cookies at abbey gardens food hub

Holiday cookies available at the Abbey Gardens Food Hub. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey.

There were wrapped gifts made up of things sold at Abbey Gardens’ hub on display this past weekend at Winter Fest. From local pancake mix and syrup made in Carnarvon, to fruit cake from Wilberforce and homemade and hand-decorated cookies for the season ($3 each), a Foodie would have a hay day. Vegan meals, handmade soup prep and all things natural are found here. Plus, grab a few from Haliburton Highlands Brewing Co. before you head out.

What about handmade brittle and pastries? Melissa Burroughs of B’s Kitchen in Highland Grove makes the best peanut brittle, that it didn’t even make it home. For $2 a bag, you can bet it’s $20 well-spend. Ahem.

And for those who are one with their meat obsession, there are a few places to visit. McFadden’s Meat Market in Haliburton has many options for the carnivore in your life, and various products to complement the cut you’ve decided on. Mike even donates the meat he can’t sell once he closes for the winter to local Food Banks to use in their donations for Christmas.

Who can forget the West Guilford Shopping Centre? With Bill able to butcher your wild game, sell you fresh produce and a bottle of wine, it’s a one stop shop for the Foodie. Check out their offerings for gift certificates this holiday season.

Custom mugs available at Cottage Country Log Cabin. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey

Custom mugs available at Cottage Country Log Cabin. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey.

And what’s a stop in West Guilford without going to the Cottage Country Log Cabin? With extended hours during the last two weeks before Christmas, you can hit them up for a wide array of treats and sweets. They even have custom mugs with your fav Haliburton County lake on them, for the truly dedicated liquid-loving foodie.


Again, this one is a hard blog to fit all into, so remember The Peppermill Steak and Pasta House (mmmm steak), Sassy Digs (for their wares and fine food sales), The Dominion (for a burger, sweet potato friends and beer), Suwan’s Thai Cuisine (for her ability to make Pho when you ask and it’s not on the menu), and many other restaurants in the county, are all hoping you’ll stop in for a gift card this holiday season.

Up next, for the Children in your life, then on to the Arts and Music Lover!

Posted: December 4, 2018

Blog Content written by Jennifer Hughey as part of the #BuyCloseBy project. 

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