For Pet Lovers and Fur Parents

The purr-fect gifts for your furry family members!

It seems fur babies are gaining more admiration and with that, more merchandise has been geared toward our furry best friend’s needs over the years.

Our last blog in the #BuyCloseBy Holiday Gift Guide is for that extra special pet lover in your life, who would love to receive something for their pet or are looking for something for their own best friend.

photo of pet products

Pet-related items available at the Minden Mercantile and Feed Co. Photo: Minden Mercantile & Feed Co. Facebook Page.

Those of us in Haliburton County with pets, know there are a few places to choose from when it comes to the needs of our fur babies. In Minden, a necessary stop is the Minden Mercantile and Feed Co. on Bobcaygeon Road. Their organic apple cider vinegar is touted to have health benefits for most farm animals including dogs, horses and poultry. Or ask about their dried seaweed meal, which is becoming quite popular.

Of course, they have feed options and play toys for various animals – and you can think about donating to Walkabout Farms’ new horse, Casey, if you feel inclined. He really likes hay! And provides a therapeutic love to those who come to visit him and the other horses. Every little bit helps!

happy dog at the groomer

A happy customer at Pretty Paws Pet Spa and Boutique. Photo by: Chris O’Mara.

What about a spa day for your pet? Prettypaws Pet Boutique and Spa in their new location on Highland Street or Highland Dog Grooming & Training on York Street, both in Haliburton are great options. Both offer nail-trimming and grooming – why not get your fav pet a gift certificate for a bath and tidy?

There’s also Paulmac’s Pet Store in Minden, which has a variety of pet beds, stocking options and shoes for animals that have a hard time in the winter walking outside. Some of those new beds are so soft, it was hard not to take it off the shelf and curl up myself!

And don’t forget the PetValu in Haliburton. Have you walked around in there recently? Makes you wish you were the pet on the receiving end. From a wide varied of pet foods (even raw options), treats galore and even personalized collars and leash decals that can be made in-store. You can even see adoption options, if your family is looking for a new furbaby, from Snowflake Meadows. Kristyn offers daycare and boarding services too. Check them out this holiday season and give the gift of a forever home.

photo of store at PetValu Haliburton

Store view at PetValu Haliburton. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey

The Great Haliburton Feed Co. is a store that has been around for years, and gone through many challenges but still manage to come out on top. Considered by many as an essential service, the Feed Co. take in animals to rehome and will often have a little of cute kittens to cuddle.

Let’s not forget our veterinary services in the county. The Minden Animal Hospital doesn’t have to be for emergencies only. They offer alternative medicinal therapy like acupuncture and laser therapy, or the classic Lion Shave, that we often get for our long-haired kitty.

Or Haliburton Veterinary Services (who are working on a new website) encourages people to call them at 705-457-2087 to ask about prices and the various veterinary services they provide.

So, whether it’s a new pet for someone, that needs a furr-ever home, or some bird seed for the feeder you crafted for your neighbour, all of the above could prove as that one-stop-shop. But try and diversify, because hey – it’s the holidays!

Posted: December 18, 2018

Blog Content written by Jennifer Hughey as part of the #BuyCloseBy project. 

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