Career’s Day one step toward addressing employee shortage in Haliburton Highlands

Careers Day one step toward addressing employee shortage in Haliburton Highlands

HCHBA and HHCC team up for workforce development initiative

HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS, ON, January 25, 2018: Today, the Haliburton County Home Builders Association and Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce announces their partnership with Haliburton Highlands Secondary School for the first annual Careers Day taking place on Wednesday, April 25.

HCHBA and HHCC are teaming up to address what we believe to be one of the contributing factors to the employee shortage in Haliburton County. There is a gap between students and the business community, and this event will be the first step to closing that gap.

Careers Day will be an event where businesses of all different sizes and industries from across the Haliburton Highlands will be on display in the high school for students to learn more about.

“Our goal is to show students what employment opportunities are available for them right in their backyard,” says Autumn Wilson, Manager of the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce. “The hope is that more students will live and work here after graduation or post-secondary education.”

“The employee shortage in Haliburton County continues to be an issue, and something we are hoping to address through efforts like this event,” says Aggie Tose, Executive Officer of the Haliburton County Home Builders Association. “We need to grow our workforce, and what better way than with our own students who may not even know what jobs are available for them.”

Students will be able to learn about each business including what they do, how the business owner got to where they are, and what skills they are looking for in their employees. Students will be encouraged to contact businesses they are interested in to further the conversation after Careers Day. However, HCHBA and HHCC will be following up with the school to provide assistance to any students who find interest in a particular job and industry so they can find the education they need to get there.

Careers Day will be free to businesses and students and everyone is invited to take part. The event will take place on Wednesday, April 25 during the first two morning periods of the day, beginning at 8:55am. If businesses would like to be involved, they need to contact the Chamber or Home Builders Association before February 28th.


Contact information:


Autumn Wilson

Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce

705-457-4700 | 705-854-0593


Aggie Tose

Haliburton County Home Builders Association


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