A Journey to Find Gift Ideas for the Haliburton County Lover

Most who live in Haliburton County have an affinity for something truly local. An experience, flavour or physical item, which we consider truly part of #myhaliburtonhighlands.

It’s often something which elicits a memory from a special time or event, whether at home or at the cottage – an item considered genuinely County-centric.

Ceramic fawn holders

Ceramic fawn holders from Upriver Trading, Photo by: Jennifer Hughey

In a trek to find examples, we engaged friends and family in a social media driven discussion. The responses seem to flow so easily – and folks even started following the discussion, saving ideas for later. My plan became finding those things geared to the feel of our County, a collection of classic goods.

And so, the first stop was in Minden Hills at UpRiver Trading Co. (there’s a store in Hali too), which garnered a chat with owner, Paul Roy, about some of the new products featured for the holiday season. A pair of cream-coloured ceramic fawns ($17.70 each), with endless holding possibilities, caught my eye. Or some moose-donned mugs, clad in Buffalo plaid ($11.50 each) that scream campfire coffee potential.

Photo of bottles of raspberry bbq sauce

Raspberry BBQ Sauce ($6 each) at Wintergreen Maple Products. Photo by: Jennifer Hughey

The journey continued along Gelert Road, at Wintergreen Maple Products where Diane Dawson was taking inventory for weekly cooking. Patrons were browsing the Christmas Market (all weekends in December), as well as homemade relish and BBQ Sauces. They will even shop for you, creating a basket of all things Wintergreen.  The route took me to SingingDog Studio, where Thom Lambert has many ceramic trays which would make a great gift carrier base.

Blue Tray and Whiskey cup from Singing Dog Studios

Blue serving tray ($40) and Whiskey cup ($20) from SingingDog Studios, Photo by: Thom Lambert

And while Thom doesn’t give classes, a few more kilometres down the road is Blackbird Pottery, where April Gates has scheduled ornament decorating workshops in December (Dec. 8-9, $45+HST) making for a lovely gift experience.

Arriving in Haliburton, the trip leads me to Highland Street, where places like Cranberry Cottage are decorating their store fronts for the holiday season. Which reminded me to check out the Forest Store online for the Loonie Bank ($14), a great way to support the county and teach your kids about saving money.

The Rails End Gallery was a key stop to look around at the work from various artisans from all over the county. Their online Pinterest gift ideas preview is super helpful to review before stopping in to browse.

From there, it was off to Tory Hill to Artech Studios, to check out their newest product – the Canadian Leaf Syrup Carafe. At $28, it’s a beauty of a vessel that can house maple syrup from any of the local producers. Heck, call Barrie Martin at Yours Outdoors and pre-book for The Art of Syrup of Maple in the spring – and package the two things together.

Mug from Homestead pottery

Black-Eyed Susan Mug from Homestead Pottery, Photo by: Lisa Barry

And on my way back home, it was imperative to stop at Lisa Barry’s Homestead Pottery studio in Algonquin Highlands for a special mug that can house some County Coffee ($15/bag) and a bag of Red Fife Flour Pancake Mix ($8.99 a bag) from Abbey Gardens.

The entire collection of these items may be too much for one person, or more than your budget allows – but you can mix-and-match as you’d like or visit the stores/artisans yourself to learn more about their offerings.

Stay tuned for next week, when the focus will be Gifts for the Outdoor Adventurer. 

Posted: November 13th, 2018

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