Can’t Work IN Your Business, Work ON Your Business – Part 2, Communicating Online & Social Media Housekeeping

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By: Jennifer Locke, Executive Director | April 15, 2020

Thank you for being here for the second part of our special series on how best to work on your business when you [unfortunately] can’t work in it. 

Today we are talking communications and social media.

One benefit of this situation is that people are spending more time than usual on their digital devices – cell phones, tablets, laptop computers; now more than ever, people are using digital communications to feel connected.

Let’s talk about how to leverage that. 

First off, let’s talk about communicating through this situation:

Business Information and Hours: Shortened hours? Changes in the customer experience due to Covid-19? Let your customers know! And be sure that your contact information is easily found.

New Procedures: Share what your procedures are in regards to social distancing and sterilization. Delivery Service? Digital Office Hours? Curbside Pickup? This is an opportunity to show your customers how much you care about their health and safety and encouraging sales.

Think Outside the Box: Businesses everywhere are creating virtual experiences for their customers. Do you have a skill you can teach? Tips and Tricks? Tours? Unboxing videos? There are lots of options here to keep your brand and business top-of-mind. Get creative!

How are You Helping? Share with your customers how you are helping the community and other businesses. Drive community goodwill and keep your customers returning on the other side of this.

Now let’s talk housekeeping – prepare for your re-emergence by optimizing your social media channels and plans!

General Review: Go through your channels and ensure the address and contact information is accurate, ensure that all buttons go to the right link and that any outdated information is updated.

#Hashtags: Best practices state that we use one to two on facebook, three on LinkedIn, and up to 30 on instagram. These keywords allow for your customers to see your business based on their searches and other interests. Spend some time compiling lists of hashtags based on what your competitors and local businesses are using. Have them saved in a note on your phone for quick posting later.

Stories: Do not neglect this platform! This is your opportunity to give your customers behind-the-scenes content to help keep you in their minds. Be sure that your Instagram and facebook are connected and autoshare stories to both.

Videos, Videos, Videos: short 20- to 30-second videos perform very well on social media! Don’t worry too much about how well it is produced, just shoot and post! Keep it short and post details in the text of the post.

Engage & Post Often: The average lifespan of a facebook post is about four hours, so post often. Ensure that your team is commenting on your posts with at least five to seven words. The more meaningful and organic the conversation, the more feeds facebook/instagram will send it to.

Experiment: The beauty of this work is that it costs very little to do and if you can catch the right trend, the upside can be humongous for your business. Take a look at what others are doing in your industry, in your area, and what top performing social media accounts do to drive engagement. Tweak and replicate for your business.  Remember, there is no right answer on how you use social media to market your business, so use this time to experiment and see what works.

I hope that helps you to wrap your head around ways that you can use and fix up your social media presence online. We are looking forward to supporting you now and during the recovery period!


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