2018 Municipal Election

We asked the Candidates Business-Centric Questions – and They Answered!

Earlier this month, we asked our members for feedback on what questions they had for their candidates related specifically to business issues. We synthesized these into five main questions covering the themes of: Economic Development, Year-round Prosperity, Housing, Internet and Cell Connectivity, and the Environment.

These questions were sent to all candidates running in the 2018 Municipal Election from each of the four municipalities in Haliburton County. The Chamber would like to thank all of our members who provided us with their feedback, as well as all of the candidates who participated in this grassroots question-answer process.

Please click the images below to see the responses received from the candidates*.

*Note: All answers are presented as submitted (unedited).  Candidates were told answers should be a maximum of 100 words; answers longer than 100 words have been truncated. Not all candidates were able to participate, non-responders are noted on the first page of each document.