evolve – Conferencing Services

In the changing business landscape virtual collaboration tools are becoming more and more important. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Evolve Collaboration, Canada’s leading provider of conferencing and collaboration services in an effort to make these tools available to members.
Program Benefits:

  • Members receive discounted rates on Audio Conferencing,
  • Web Collaboration and Webinar Services
  • Chamber members have access to an Evolve Collaboration expert who will assess where collaboration tools can enable your business and provide guidance and training.

Program Highlights:

  • 4.5¢/min Audio Conferencing Rate: 50% below commercial industry average
  • Adobe Web collaboration unlimited use $50/month
  • Free Virtual Collaboration Assessment
  • Electronic Billing
  • Bilingual Operator Support
  • No Contracts or Activation Fees

Sign up here: www.evolvecollaboration.ca/CCC