Have Your Say – Make a Difference

The Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking volunteers for it’s committees!

Please reach out to us ( or 705-457-4700) if you are interested in becoming a Committee Member!

At the Chamber, our committees are a key part of bringing our members the services, programs and advocacy they rely on. Committees are the planning and action arm of a Chamber of Commerce, and the success of our Chamber depends on the work done by our committees. Our committees meet at least once a month, though some may meet more often (i.e. the Gala Sub-Committee, leading up the Gala event)

As a Committee Member, you will have an opportunity to enhance your leadership and teamwork skills, build new and stronger relationships with your peers, and learn from fellow business leaders in the Haliburton Highlands. You will also assist the Chamber in achieving its mission to strengthen business and community through advocacy, networking, participation, member services, and leadership.

The Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce currently has five active committees:

Member Services Committee
Chair – Andrea Strano

2016/17 Objective: Add four new member value programs and create a marketing strategy. Ideas include a Chamber Welcome Team or Ambassadors, more affinity programs, referral program, business mentorship/tips program.

The Member Services Committee’s mandate is to support and promote the member businesses of the Chamber. The Committee will regularly survey and monitor Chamber Membership in order to identify member needs and review Chamber services, with a mission of bringing value to the Chamber’s members.


Networking & Events Committee
Chair – TBD

2016/17 Objective: Focus on professional development events over and above Chamber Breakfasts with the purpose of increasing member engagements and making events more accessible to all members through varying times, locations, and forms. Success will be measure through a survey to members at the end of the term.

The Networking and Special Events Committee’s mandate is to initiate and promote business and networking events, in coordination with Chamber Staff, for the benefit of the members. These events provide a forum for business owners and operators to exchange leads and information, as well as share resources. The Committee is encouraged to reach out to other Chambers to examine best practices, new ideas, and potentials for collaboration.

The Committee is responsible for providing continued networking and business opportunities including Chamber Breakfasts, Business After Hours, Small Business Week, Workshops, etc.

A sub-committee will be responsible for planning and executing the Annual Business & Community Achievement Awards Gala.


Advocacy Committee
Chair – Bram Lebo

2016/17 Objective: Research a local procurement policy that can be presented to local municipalities to promote hiring local businesses.

The Advocacy Committee’s mandate is to ensure the Chamber is able to represent and advocate for the interests of business in Haliburton County. The committee will establish, maintain, and foster relationships with representatives of all levels of government affecting the Haliburton Highlands business community. The committee will identify and monitor issues that may adversely affect the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce and/or the business community and will report on these issues to the Board of Directors. The committee should also recommend advocacy issues, strategies, and public policies to the Board of Directors.

The Advocacy Committee may survey the membership for their input on public policy issues, and should liaise with other relevant organizations on issues of common concern.

Government bodies and key stakeholders that the committee should actively monitor and engage with include:

Local municipalities: Dysart et Al, Minden Hills, Highlands East and Algonquin Highlands
The County of Haliburton
The Haliburton County Development Corporation
The Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
The Advocacy Committee should be particularly engaged with economic development and growth in Haliburton County and its municipalities.


Finance Committee
Chair – TBD

The Finance Committee is focussed on overseeing the Chamber’s finances including developing the annual budget, reviewing expenses, membership dues, and current/future investments.


Young Professionals Network
Chairs – Heather Kennedy-Schmidt

The goal of this network is to provide the “20-to-30 something” demographic with opportunities and supports to live, work, and play here. We strengthen the fabric of the community by giving young professionals a voice – and opportunities to be successful. We aim to help young professionals meet their needs, utilize their strengths, and build upon their existing skills. We welcome all young professionals to join the Young Professionals Network. Tell us what you need and what you have to offer to Haliburton Highlands!